Atlantic City’s newly reopened park is closed — temporarily

Atlantic City residents may have been confused Wednesday, after finding Brown’s Park closed just days after its grand reopening.
But the locks are just temporary, according to Chris Filiciello, the mayor’s chief of staff.
There were a couple of things that needed to be finished up, he said. The park is expected to reopen Friday morning.
The park that had become a home to the homeless and a haven for drug activity reopened Memorial Day with singing, food and the laughter of children at play.

Named in honor of Tech Sgt. Harold Brown, the holiday was a fitting time to reopen and remember the first African-American resident to die in World War II.
Speakers challenged those in attendance to keep the park positive. Situated between the troubled neighborhoods of Stanley Holmes Village and Schoolhouse Apartments, the city had reason to hang its head for the three decades of deterioration, Mayor Don Guardian said. But, he said, with two large neighborhoods on either side, that means there are a lot of families to enjoy the park now.