Millville woman sentenced for leading retail theft ring that shoplifted thousands

A Cumberland County woman who led a retail theft enterprise that shoplifted thousands in merchandise from South Jersey stores was sentenced to five years in prison Friday.
Chiara Pender, 30, of Millville, pleaded guilty to a second-degree charge March 10.
Pender and her co-conspirators shoplifted items from stores that included Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target, Walmart, Lowes and Kohls, Attorney General Christopher Porrino said.
They would steal clothing, electronics or anything else that was easy to conceal, Porrino said.
She would then make one of her co-conspirators make a return without a receipt, and they would get gift cards. Those cards were then pawned, usually for half the face value.
From January to June of last year, the group stole more than $20,000.
“Organized retail theft is a multibillion dollar drain on the retail industry caused by criminals like Pender who methodically steal from popular store chains,” Porrino said. “These thieves think the worst they’ll face is a low-level shoplifting charge, but this prison sentence reflects our resolve to ensure they face serious punishment.”
They were able to shut down the ring with help from the State Police and employees of the targeted companies, said Elie Honig, director of the Division of Criminal Justice. “We want these thieves to know that we’re onto their tricks and will put them behind bars.”
Pender was arrested June 3, 2016, by State Police. Other members of the theft ring were arrested in June and July of last year.
Seven have pleaded guilty.
Thareick Archer, 26 of Vineland, was sentenced to 18 months in prison on May 26 on a charge of receiving stolen property. Mark Rabb III, 30, of Millville, was sentenced on April 7 to 30 days in the county jail on a charge of receiving stolen property. Five other defendants who pleaded guilty to charges of theft or receiving stolen property each was sentenced to three years’ probation.