Bayview alligator was first an Atlantic City rap video star

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An alligator found swimming in a dirty Atlantic City motel pool captured attention when police raided the place earlier this month.
The Bayview Inn & Suites allegedly was the home of a drug-trafficking leader and is set for demolition.
Where the owner is has been a mystery.
How the alligator got there is also not clear. What he was doing there — at least for a short time — seems to be as video prop.
Cap Nation Films posted two videos on YouTube that include the alligator: one is for the video of the new single “Damn.” The other is a behind-the-scenes look.
“Tell him what you got right there,” the cameraman says as he goes behind the scenes with rapper Sean Temple — known as Style1.
“We got this husky guy,” Temple says as he sits in a Bayview room with the 3-foot reptile on his lap with his mouth duct taped. “We had to tape his mouth. His teeth are sharp as hell.”
Ba’shawn Whitted, who was arrested on a warrant in the raid, sits down next to him and identifies the alligator as his.
“That’s my son,” he says.
Whitted, who has since been released, said only, “What you want (me) to say?” when asked about the alligator.

Temple did not answer requests for an interview from BreakingAC.
But Deborah McFall, who lived at the Bayview, said friends of owner Randhir Maisuria brought the alligator to the property one day.
“He knew all about it,” she said.
Maisuria has not answered numerous requests for comment.
The video also includes a semiautomatic weapon with an extended magazine. But nothing like that was found in the motel during the raid, according to charges. There are also packages of drugs.
The alligator was fished out of the pool and sent to the Cape May Zoo.

He does make an appearance in the final video: