Ex-Ventnor man gets five years in prison for scheming women while on supervised release for same crime

A former Ventnor man convicted of scheming women out of thousands was sentenced to 60 months in prison Wednesday for violating conditions of his federal supervised release — to continue defrauding women.
Patrick Giblin, 53, was not allowed to leave the state as part of his release in 2014, when he went to Albany, New York, getting money from 10 women in various states for losses of $15,000 to $40,000, according to the charges.

Giblin used the money he got from women to buy airtime minutes used to talk to more women, authorities said.
Giblin has a long history of using dating sites to find women that he would then woo with promises of a committed, romantic relationship. He then would tell them he was moving to where they were and needed a loan to cover expenses.
The women would wire him money through Western Union or MoneyGram.
He was convicted in 2007 of 10 counts of wire fraud. In 2013, he was given time after escaping a halfway house in Philadelphia. That, authorities say, is also when he began the latest scheme, continuing it after serving the sentence for his escape.
After serving the latest sentence, Giblin will have three years of supervised release.
He also must pay $39,130 in restitution.