Police catch dirt-biker who injured woman in Pleasantville hit-and-run

A teenager has been arrested in the Pleasantville dirt bike crash that injured a woman standing on a sidewalk last month.
The 17-year-old from Pleasantville is charged with assault by auto and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle crash with serious bodily injury.
Police have been looking for the teen since Aug. 5, when he drove onto the sidewalk on Main Street near West Jersey Avenue and struck Elza Jeanty-Excellent, 27, of Galloway Township.
Video released by police showed the crash, along with the teen — who had on a mask — running from the scene, leaving the bike behind.

General Investigation Sgt. Mark Porter took the lead in the case and with the help of information provided by members of the public was able to identify, locate, interview and charge the accused juvenile, Capt. Matt Hartman  said.
The unnamed teen also will be given “a multitude” of motor vehicle violations.
He has been released pending court.
Police Chief Sean Riggin congratulated the investigating officers and the multiple tipsters who helped close the case.
“This case is the latest example of what we can do as a community, when we are able to work together, police and the public, to fight crime and arrest offenders,” he said.  “Ms Jeanty-Excellent deserved far better than to be left bleeding on the sidewalk after the reckless actions of this young man.  Now Ms Jeanty-Excellent and her family see that they are part of a community who truly does care for her and the rider will have his day before the judge to answer for his actions.”