East Jersey prison officer arrested for child pornography

A corrections officer was arrested for receiving child porn he allegedly solicited through email, text and Craig’s List ads.
An investigation that began with an undercover officer answering an ad asking for “Woman/Moms that are into Cheese Pizza” ended with Stephen Salamak charged with receiving images of child sexual abuse Thursday, acting U.S. Attorney William Fitzpatrick said.
Salamak, 37, allegedly sought women who were “into perverted topics,” then would make requests for pictures of their children.
In a May 21 email with an unnamed person, Salamak says, “Amazing stepdaughter… I don’t have a stepdaughter or a daughter so I don’t have my own work.”
He then asked for pictures he could use to sexually gratify himself.
As a result, he got an email with five pictures of an underage girl in various states of undress that the complaint says all appear to be taken from concealed positions. Some in a bathroom and others in a bedroom.
Salamak’s home in Lodi was searched this week, and a preliminary forensic review of his computer equipment found child erotica, the complaint says.
Salamak allegedly admitted to placing the ad on Craig’s List and that “cheese pizza” was a reference to child pornography.
After his initial court appearance, Salamak was released to home confinement on an ankle bracelet on $125,000 bond.