Alleged drug-trafficker charged in fatal overdose back in custody

An Egg Harbor Township man ordered detained on charges that included a fatal overdose is back in custody after two days out of jail.
Jamal Campos, 25, was freed from the Atlantic County Justice Facility on Sunday, after the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office failed to indict him within 90 days, as required under the new speedy guidelines that were part of the bail reform that went into effect this year.
But on Tuesday, a grand jury indicted him, and he was taken back into custody, sources confirmed to BreakingAC.
Campos was first arrested Aug. 15, at the Bayview Inn & Suites in Atlantic City, during a raid that included the recovery of two bricks of heroin, airsoft guns, seven dogs and an alligator found swimming in the dilapidated motel’s pool.
Text messages allegedly link Campos to a drug sale that resulted in the April 22, 2016, death of Adam O’Gara, according to information shared at his detention hearing in August.
The strict-liability statute holds the person who supplied drugs to someone who died from an overdose responsible for that death.

Egg Harbor Township man charged in 2016 overdose death

Texts also show Campos was the leader of a drug-trafficking operation, Assistant Prosecutor Rick McKelvey told the judge at the hearing.
At that time, Superior Court Judge Bernard DeLury ordered Campos held pending trial.
Campos already has four other indictments, including three on drug arrests before the fatal sale, court records show.
He was released on an ankle monitor, defense attorney John Maher said.
He would not comment further on the case.

Man charged in drug-induced death already indicted four times