Atlantic City’s troubled Bayview may get a second chance with new owner

A troubled Atlantic City motel may be getting a second chance.
The Bayview Inn & Suites ended the summer with a drug raid that featured an alligator and two suspicious fires.
The mostly absent owner kept making promises to the city, but not following through.
With that, Randhir Maisuria was given a final deadline or demolition would start Nov. 12.
The building is still standing. But the owner is about to change, said the city’s head of Licensing and Inspection.
An unnamed group has an agreement to purchase the Bayview, Director Dale Finch told BreakingAC.
“They have given me assurances that, by the end of November, it will be cleaned up, everything will be boarded up and secured, and all debris will be removed,” he said.
They will even put up a temporary fence around the property on North Albany Avenue, just off exit 2 of the Atlantic City Expressway.
The group is in the process of securing funding and wants to reopen by Memorial Day weekend, Finch said.
“I told them we’re going to be watching very closely,” Finch said. “We will work with them all the way through, but we are going to be monitoring them.”

End may be in sight for Atlantic City’s troubled Bayview Inn