Man arrested with Harborfields escapee in Atlantic City was wanted on traffic warrants

One of two men arrested in Atlantic City with Harborfields fugitive Michael Huggins was wanted on traffic warrants, police said.
Huggins, 18, was one of four teens who escaped the Harborfields Juvenile Detention Center last Wednesday. The other three, all still minors, were arrested in Bridgeton, Huggins’ hometown.
Huggins was captured Thursday morning in an Atlantic City apartment just a block from City Hall.
At the time, two other men were seen being taken into custody, but officials had no information about them.
But BreakingAC has now confirmed one of them was Dajuan Townsend.
Townsend, 18, of Ventnor, was seen being led down stairs by police that morning. He had traffic warrants, Atlantic City Sgt. Kevin Fair said.
He was released before he got to the Atlantic County Justice Facility, where records show his last time there was for a few hours in September on the same warrants.
Another man, who was seen being patted down and the put into an Atlantic City police car, was turned over to the group that arrested Huggins, Fair said.
What happened to him was uncertain.
Neither Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner nor State Police had records of any other arrests made that day. The Atlantic County jail also had no record of any other suspects coming in with Huggins.
Meanwhile, Huggins remains in the Atlantic County Justice Facility pending a detention hearing set for Wednesday morning.
His mug shot shows an injury to his eye, but officials would not comment on how he received it.
He and his three alleged juvenile co-conspirators are accused of overpowering a corrections officer and stealing a car that they then crashed a short time after they fled the Egg Harbor City facility. He was in possession of a handgun at the time of his arrest, Tyner said.
Huggins was waived up to adult court in a homicide, and was indicted for murder and felony murder in September. Because the crime was committed last year, when he was 17, state statute allowed him to stay in the juvenile detention center. But now that he is 18, the new charges will put him in the county jail.
Superior Court Judge Bernard DeLury will decide Wednesday whether he will be kept there pending trial, or will be released with conditions.

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