EHC food pantry controversy has happy ending

An anonymous call caused Egg Harbor City to question a resident’s attempts to help others.
“Take a blessing if you need one. Leave a blessing if you can,” reads the homemade food pantry Angela Seri Krukauskas put up in her front yard last month.
The Egg Harbor City woman said she was inspired by her own blessings, and wanted to help others.
But Wednesday, a code-enforcement officer came to Krukauskas’ home with an application to go through the Land Use Board.
The Code Enforcement Office got a call saying the pantry was in the right of way, Donna Heffley, the Code Enforcement office manager, told BreakingAC on Thursday morning.
“That’s what triggered everything,” she said.
Code enforcement was sent with an application to go before the Land Use Board.
But Krukauskas said the pantry is not in the right of way.
She also said any health concerns weren’t an issue either.

Inspired by Krukauskas, Nadina Marie Fornia opened her own “Community Cupboard.”

“I am food safety certified,” Kurkauskas said. “There’s no health issue. Each can is checked for dates daily.”
She asked the community to come to Thursday’s council meeting in support.
And they did.
Not only did people attend, they brought item for the pantry.
“I had to send my son to the car for a shopping bag,” she said.
Inspired by Krukauskas, resident Nadina Marie Fornia started her own pantry a few days ago. She also got a Wednesday visit from a Code Enforcement officer.
But on Thursday, she said, she was told in a return trip that hers could stay open.
“The food pantry lives!!!” Kurkauskas happily posted on Facebook.

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