Kauffman co-defendant Pagano ordered released

Another co-defendant of James Kauffman will be released.
Paul Pagano, 51, of Egg Harbor Township, is accused of second-degree racketeering in the alleged pill-selling enterprise led by Kauffman and Ferdinand Augello.
Kauffman and Augello have both been ordered held pending trial. Co-defendants John Mulholland and Tabitha Chapman were also released with conditions.
Four major accidents, including a horrific motorcycle crash more than 15 years ago, “mangled” Pagano’s back, attorney Charles Peruto Jr. told the judge.
He said Pagano did get Oxycontin from Dr. Kauffman, and “he ate those pills.”
Peruto told Superior Court Judge Bernard DeLury that he has known Pagano for 27 years, and even ridden motorcycles with him.
Pagano was a Pagan in Atlantic County for a short time, he said, but quit “long ago.”
Peruto, who said he was never in a club, said that Pagano’s current girlfriend — who was in court for him Thursday — used to date the attorney.
He said Pagano’s back injury was so bad that one time they had to use ropes to pull him out of a place because he had seized up.
Outside the courtroom, Peruto said that Pagano went to another doctor after Kauffman’s arrest, and was given pills by him.
Three others were arrested in other states and are currently are being returned to Atlantic County.


Posted by Breaking AC on Thursday, January 25, 2018

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