EHT man ordered held pending trial in killing of Atlantic City man


Surveillance videos, a  burner phone and a “Not Guilty” sweatshirt allegedly tie an Egg Harbor Township man to murder, according to information presented in court Thursday.
Troy Demby, 36, is accused of killing Raphael Terrigino who was found fatally shot inside his car parked on a street in Pleasantville.
Demby allegedly set up a meeting at the spot on Stenton Place at about 9:30 p.m. Feb. 1, and a cell phone puts Demby at the murder scene at the time of the killing, Assistant Prosecutor Rick McKelvey told the judge during a detention hearing.
Defense attorney Michael Becker said the state is relying on the ping of a cell phone that his client did not have with a number Demby does not recall.
But surveillance video from Jan. 30, clearly shows Demby entering the Egg Harbor Township Walmart, where he activated a TracFone with that number, which was later used solely to communicate with Terrigino, McKelvey said.
Demby was wearing “a distinctive sweatshirt, red in color that bears the words ‘not guilty’ on it,” the prosecutor told Taylor. That shirt would later be found at the Egg Harbor Township home where Demby was arrested.
Demby rented the Toyota Camry he was seen driving to and from the Walmart three days earlier.
That car is allegedly the one captured on a surveillance camera Feb. 1, pulling up behind Terrigino’s car at the murder scene.
Minutes earlier, Terrigino received a message from the TracFone number saying, “Go now.”
“OMW,” he replied, indicating he was on his way.
Both phones are shown active in the area of the killing at 9:36 p.m., McKelvey said.
The man parked behind Terrigino gets out of his car and into the passenger side of Terrigino’s, McKelvey said.
A flash of light is seen from inside Terrigino’s car for the less than 60 seconds the suspect is inside, McKelvey said.
The suspect then gets back in his car and drives away.

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“The video is dark, but the vehicle taillights are distinctive on that video,” McKelvey said.
But Becker said the police report didn’t indicate that the suspect car was potentially a Toyota Camry, and he questioned the reliability of the side of a taillight in identifying a car.
There is no interaction with Terrigino’s car from that time until 7:45 the next morning, when a neighbor found the victim dead inside, McKelvey said.
The TracFone is never used again, and Demby turned in the Camry for a different vehicle from Just 4 Wheels, he added.
Demby was arrested Feb. 7, after detectives went to his cousin’s Egg Harbor Township home on Standish Avenue, where Demby had been staying. There, they also found 10 ounces of cocaine, about $30,000 in cash and the “Not Guilty” sweatshirt.
Demby, who was on parole at the time after serving 11½ years on two first-degree robbery charges, was not staying at that home, his attorney said, because there was a legally owned gun there and Demby’s parole officer ruled against it.
Becker also questioned the amount of drugs and money found being linked to his client.
McKelvey said they are believed to be proceeds from the robbery, which is why Demby is also charged with robbery and felony murder, a killing during the commission of another crime.
Demby was not a known drug dealer, Becker noted.
“This is a man that allegedly is dealing with tens of thousands in cash, has 10 ounces of cocaine, which is quite a bit, yet nobody ever heard anything about him,” he said. “Or we’re to believe that the victim went to the scene where the murder was committed carrying $30,000 and 10 ounces of cocaine, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.”
The murder and felony murder charges each carry potential life sentences.