‘He’s not breathing. He got shot,’ man tells 911 as teen lay dying in EHT home

An emotional 911 call reveals the desperation of an Egg Harbor Township couple after a teen was shot inside their home last month.
“I’ve never seen nothing like this in my life,” Amador Campos tells the 911 operator in a recording obtained by BreakingAC.
Alejandro Gonzalez Santos Jr., 16, died inside the Woodrow Avenue homeA 17-year-old is charged with aggravated manslaughter in the killing.
While the 911 operator refers to the victim as the couple’s son during the call, they were not Santos’ parents.
Campos keeps the boys there away from the gun, and makes sure the shooter doesn’t leave, according to what is on the recording.
The dispatcher was not told the teen was shot until nearly three minutes into the call.
“He’s not breathing, he got shot,” Campos tells the dispatcher, who reacts in disbelieve.
“He got shot?” she asks. “Your wife said he fell.”
The couple was downstairs when the man heard something and ran upstairs.
“My husband is screaming because one of the kids fell,” Petra Campos tells the operator as the call begins.
She says that the teen was upstairs, which causes some initial confusion that the teen fell a flight of stairs.


Teen charged in fatal shooting of EHT 16-year-old

“He cannot breathe,” the woman says. “He’s just on the floor covered in blood. He passed out there’s a lot of blood.”
At one point Amador Campos can be heard telling the other boys there’s going to be “big trouble.”
“I don’t why these guys have the gun,” he tells the dispatcher. “He’s a friend of my son.”
The unnamed dispatcher continues to try to keep the couple calm.
“I cannot do anything,” Petra Campos says, crying. “I cannot help. Send somebody. I cannot move him.”
“I know this is scary but we have to do this a certain way,” the dispatcher says after the husband gets on the phone.
At her direction, Campos gets a towel and holds it to the boy’s wound.
“Amador, I’m going to walk you through this,” she says. “I’m gonna stay with you while we do this, OK?”
He said Santos was face down with a shot to the side of his head.
The 17-year-old was arrested at the scene, according to a report of the call.
The alleged shooter was taken to the Harborfields Juvenile Detention Center in Egg Harbor City.
Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner has 60 days from the arrest to make a motion to have the juvenile waived up to be tried as an adult. He would not comment on whether he will do that.
In the meantime, BreakingAC has confirmed that the suspect was released on an ankle bracelet under the Home Electronic Detention System.
Because he is still charged as a juvenile, nothing more about the case is being made public, including anything about his release.

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