Atlantic City father-son hope video helps others struggling with bullying


Scott Henry knows how lucky he was.

The Atlantic City father found out last year that his son was so distraught about bullying in school that he planned to kill himself.
Instead, Henry had Jah’Mir sit down with him and help write out a script that explained how the teenager was feeling.
The resulting video posted last June made Jah’Mir’s feelings at the time clear.
Henry hoped it would help others. Now, he’s posting it again after a young Atlantic City boy took his own life this week. Reportedly after being bullied.
“That’s what made me share it (again),” Henry said. “I caught it just in time. Sometimes kids don’t tell their parents. They’re afraid to speak their mind.”

Jah’Mir was embarrassed.
He was being bullied because of his physical differences related to his cerebral palsy.
One day, he was jumped after school. The incident was filmed and posted to Instagram.
“I finally snapped, and told my dad I didn’t want to be here no more,” Jah’Mir said.
“He was contemplating suicide,” his father said. “Thinking about taking pills because he doesn’t want to live no more.”
At one point in the video, Jah’Mir is sitting on the edge of his bed, distraught.
“I can’t take it no more,” he says over and over after writing a suicide note to his father.
In real life, he’d planned to take pills. In the video, he uses a gun.
But the breakdown on the edge of his bed was how the teenager was feeling.
Before that, “nobody really knew,” says Jah’Mir, now 15. “I didn’t like telling people stuff.”
Now he realizes how important that is. Even more so after the recent loss to the community.

“It’s upsetting and sad,” Jah’Mir said. “I wish somebody was able to help him. I know everything’s hard when somebody’s bullying you.”

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