Atlantic City man allegedly punched officer responding to domestic fight

An Atlantic City man was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a police officer during a domestic dispute.
Officers Ryan Kov and Bryan O’Neill responded to the 500 block of Indiana Avenue just before 7 p.m. Saturday for the report of a domestic dispute.
The 38-year-old woman told police her boyfriend would not return her car keys.
Kov tried to talk to the man, David Kitching, who refused and tried to walk  away several times, Sgt. Kevin Fair said.
Kitching became agitated and punched Kov in the face, according to the report. He then grabbed Kov and continued to punch him in the head.
O’Neill rushed in to help and the two officers were able to get Kitching to the ground where he continued to resist, Fair said.
Kov used his pepper spray on Kitching, who then surrendered and was taken into custody, Fair said.
Ambulance personnel responded to the scene to flush Kitching’s eyes.  But, because of his agistation and that he was yelling and being uncooperative, he was taken to the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center’s City Campus where he was treated and released into police custody.
Kov did not seek treatment.
Kitching, 44, is charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He also had an active warrant.

He was taken to the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

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