Pair arrested trying to sell high-powered rifle, bomb-makings sentenced to prison

An Atlantic County pair arrested last year for trying to sell a high-powered rifle and the makings for several pipe bombs have been sentenced to five-year prison terms, BreakingAC has learned.
Danielle Demers and Nina House could both be free by next spring after pleading guilty to one second-degree count.
Several law enforcement agencies joined Atlantic City police at a press conference in October to announce the arrests.

Two Atlantic County women were arrested last week after allegedly trying to sell a high-powered rifle and the makings for several pipe bombs — with instructions. Atlantic City police joined by members of multiple law enforcement agencies announced the arrests Tuesday. A Savage .30-06 rifle with sc

The investigation began with information received by Patrol Officers Alberto Valles and Christopher Dodson who learned Oct. 5, Demers — a transgender woman also known as Daniel Smith — was trying to sell the rifle with scope and ammunition, along with the pipe-making materials and was even providing instructions, Chief Henry White said at the time.
Police went into high-alert after they found out buyers were actively being sought, Capt. James Sarkos said at the time. He stressed that nothing indicated a connection to terrorism.
The FBI, Homeland Security and Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office were notified.
Demers, now 38, wound up making a sale to undercover investigators, and was arrested leaving home on the first block of South Pennsylvania Avenue.
Demers pleaded guilty to teaching or demonstrating technique of how to make a firearm, and was sentenced March 9, court records show.
Parole eligibility is listed as May 5, 2019.
Demers also pled to a drug charge, and given a three-year concurrent sentence.
Although Demers was listed as female while housed in the Atlantic County Justice Facility, she is serving her sentence in New Jersey State Prison as a man, Department of Corrections records show.
A recently updated mugshot shows Demers with facial hair.
House, 32, of Margate, was arrested after it was found she conspired with Demers. She pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge on Feb. 23, and is eligible for parole next Feb. 28.
Authorities said at the time that the investigation was continuing, but no further information has been released.