Atlantic County men convicted in triple homicide

Two Atlantic County men have been convicted of a triple murder in Essex County.
Lavelle Davis, 37, of Galloway Township, and Jimmy Mays, 34, of Egg Harbor Township, were found guilty last week in the Jan. 29, 2017, killing of three people in Maplewood.
The two men and an unknown co-conspirator went to the home of Michael Davis, 45, on Van Ness Court in Maplewood looking for drugs and cash, according to Assistant Prosecutor Carlo Fioranelli.

Michael Davis

Michael and Lavelle Davis were not related.
The three shot and killed Michael Davis and 30-year-old Roshana Kelson, who lived in Paterson.
Lance Fraser, 44, of Newark, was then tortured before he was shot and killed.
The home was ransacked by the three, who took items.
Firefighters found the three dead when they went to do a wellness check after concerned family members were unable to reach the victims.
After nearly a week of deliberations, a jury found the two men guilty of multiple counts, including three counts each of murder, felony murder and conspiracy.
Fioranelli said the victims’ families went through a nightmare.
“I hope the verdict gives them some sense of closure and that the families continue to heal following this tragedy,” he said.
Davis and Mays were like brothers, according to the mother of Davis’ three youngest children, who previously spoke with BreakingAC on condition her name not be printed.
She has been referred to as “Gina.”

Atlantic County men accused of killing friend, two others in Essex County – BreakingAC

Atlantic County men accused of killing friend, two others in Essex County – BreakingAC

Michael Davis and Jimmy Mays were like brothers. Davis even offered to have Mays come live with him when there were problems at home, the mother of Davis’ youngest children says. Now, Davis is dead in a triple homicide. Mays and another friend are charged with the killings. The two men met through the Egg Harbor City woman who grew up with Mays and lived in Galloway Township with Davis for years. “Michael gave him


On Monday, Gina said she was glad to have some closure.
“It’s a hurtful feeling because you can’t bring them back,” she said.
Their actions took more than the three victims’ lives, but those who loved them.
The killers’ families also are suffering from their actions, she said.
Both defendants, who have prior felony convictions, face life in prison when they are sentenced on June 26.
“Michael’s a really good dude,” Gina said. “He did the best he could to help anyone. None of them deserved that. They were good people.”

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