No tax increase in Atlantic City budget

Atlantic City’s budget includes no tax increase and no job cuts, Mayor Frank Gilliam announced Tuesday.
The $225 million budget will be officially introduced to City Council at Wednesday night’s meeting. Gilliam said he expects the votes are there for it to pass.
“This is a great day for Atlantic City,” City Council President Marty Small said.
The city will keep its 765 employees in tact, although there still is not enough money for raises.
Gilliam did say that the approximately 205 employees who make $40,000 or less will receive $500 stipends around Labor Day.
The city also is working to get back its Civil Service designation.
That was something that sit well with police.
“I think they’re trying to do the right thing,” PBA President Matt Rogers said. “It’s good to see they’re working together to get Civil Service back. It’s what we all have in common.”
Keeping the budget flat was heavily due to state aid, and includes $6 million in grants, Gilliam said.
“People say the state is no help,” the mayor said. “In certain ways, they are very helpful.”
But one day the city will no longer be under state control, and right now, it’s not ready to do this on its own, Small warned.
He noted that only 30 percent of residents pay taxes.

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