Mays Landing man ordered held in attempted luring of 11-year-old

A Mays Landing man arrested for returning to the street of a young girl he allegedly tried to lure into his SUV will be held pending trial.
Children in the neighborhood — especially the alleged victim — are scared, Assistant Prosecutor Kathleen Robinson told the judge Tuesday.
“These children aren’t enjoying this summer the way they should be,” she said, adding that some were in tears when police came.
Talal Aridi already had a pending burglary and robbery case when he was arrested for second-degree luring July 15, after he allegedly took pictures of an 11-year-old girl, asked her questions and tried to get her to come into his SUV.
A sex offender restraining order, or SORO, was granted July 26, when Aridi was told to stay off the street where the girl lives.
But five days later, the girl’s mother saw the 35-year-old man driving down her street. She called police and followed him. Aridi was arrested in his driveway.


A Mays Landing man is back in jail after he allegedly returned to the area where he is accused of attempting to lure an 11-year-old girl. Talal Aridi, 35, was first arrested July 15, after he allegedly tried to get the 11-year-old Mays Landing girl into his SUV. He drove up to the girl, and began

“This is a neighborhood he lives in,” defense attorney Yvonne Maher told the judge. “He made a mistake.”
Aridi told police he wasn’t thinking about the SORO when he drove down the street coming back from buying medical marijuana from a friend on Berry Avenue.
“It there a dispensary there?” Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Waldman asked when that came up in court.
“Not as of yet,” Aridi replied.
“A transitionary dispensary, I would imagine,” the judge shot back.
The marijuana may have been medicinal, but not for Aridi, Assistant Prosecutor Kathleen Robinson said, pointing out that no prescription was provided to the state.
Aridi was also charged with possession.
It was one he won’t get a chance to make again.
Waldman ordered him held pending the case’s resolution.

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