Cellular location analyst added to witness list in Kauffman murder trial

A digital forensics examiner was added to the witness list in its case against Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello.
Spencer McInvaille, who works for Envista Forensics, specializes in cellular location analysis, according to his LinkedIn page.
His name was mentioned Tuesday, as jury selection began in the trial against the only person charged in April Kauffman’s killing.
Augello’s defense is expected to call him. It may be a way to attempt to prove someone other than Augello was plotting with Kauffman’s husband to kill her.
BreakingAC previously reported that Dr. James Kauffman called a burner phone 322 times leading up to the day his wife was killed May 10, 2012. That afternoon, the phone went silent.
Kauffman affidavit tells tale of burner phone and other alleged crimes - BreakingAC

April Kauffman was killed to protect more than an Oxycontin ring, an affidavit in the case against her husband shows. The veterans advocate and local radio host was attempting to use the knowledge of her husband’s illicit scheme to “leverage a financially beneficial divorce,” according to the sealed 69-page search warrant affidavit obtained by a … Read moreKauffman affidavit tells tale of burner phone and other alleged crimes

The attention the case of the deadly opioid ring that allegedly led to the hit on April Kauffman caused Superior Court Judge Bernard DeLury to call for a pool of as many as 250 people to find 15 who can sit on a jury when trial begins Monday.
His goal is to have 60 people move on to the next round, which will allow the state and defense to dismiss a total of 32 jurors.
On Tuesday, DeLury had potential jurors brought in five at a time, asking them first Question 27: Whether they were familiar with the case.
Those who were had to detail how they knew, any personal connection they may have and if they could be fair and impartial.
Questions also included what they think of about the phrase “war on drugs,” if they could judge testimony by former co-defendants equally to other witnesses and their opinions — if any — on the Pagans Motorcycle Club.
The Pagans — who the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office consistently refers to as the Pagans Outlaw Motorcycle Gang — were allegedly partnered with the late Dr. Kauffman. Augello is a past president and key witness Andrew Glick also was a member.
Jury selection continues Wednesday morning. DeLury was hoping to have a jury seated by Thursday afternoon.

(Reporter Kevin C. Shelly contributed to this report.)


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