Take Back the News

As the founder, editor and reporter for BreakingAC, I’m excited to be part of the first public event in Atlantic City that will explain what independent local news is and how everyone can get involved. The brainchild of husband-and-wife team Elinor Comlay and Bill Sprouse — also known as Route 40 — Take Back the News will be held beginning at 6 p.m. June 7 at the Little Water Distillery at 807 Baltic Ave. in Atlantic City. The event is free and open to anyone. There will be a cash bar and an opportunity to buy T-shirts supporting your local news.
We will have lots of information and be available to hear your questions, concerns and what you want from your news. Local news is meant to keep you informed. So it’s important that the community be a part of that.
If you’re on Facebook, let us know you’re coming here.
Hope to see you there.

What is BreakingAC?

In this time of media doubt, it’s important to have a news source that people can trust.
Everyone wants to be first, but it’s more important to be right. To be ethical. And to care about the community you are covering.
That’s where BreakingAC comes in. As a reporter for more than two decades, I have lived by the mantra “confirm THEN report.”
In more recent years, I’ve also learned the value of social media. It allows the readers to get involved, to ask questions, to challenge. I don’t believe in ignoring even the insults. Instead, both sides can learn from it.
News is to inform people who are affected. It’s to let them know of the good and bad in the world around them. It should also be about letting their voices be heard. It’s about looking beyond the surface. News doesn’t stop once it breaks. It evolves. It has impact.

How to help

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