Atlantic City officer arrested in domestic assault

An Atlantic City police officer is accused of kicking and punching his girlfriend inside his Galloway Township home Saturday.
Dayton Brown, 44, appeared in court via video Wednesday.

The victim, identified in court as AA, suffered a collapsed lung as a result of the attack, according to the charge.
Brown will remain in the Atlantic County Justice Facility without bail pending a detention hearing. He is charged with second-degree aggravated assault.
Brown was arrested Tuesday after a report to the Atlantic City Police Department’s Internal Affairs section, the Department said in a release.
Brown, a 10-year veteran, is suspended without pay.


28 thoughts on “Atlantic City officer arrested in domestic assault

  1. Update he went to court today and guess what the court was filled with supporters of officer Brown the young lady in question family membertestified for officer Brown come to find out she had a pre existing issue with her lungs is bipolar and did u know their was no bruising anywhere on the woman the judge sent him home no ankle bracelet no no bail and doesn’t think he is a threat so guess the ppl that had all the bad things to say was wrong again

  2. Dayton has history of hitting women he was never caught because they were young and he knew how to manipulate them. Dayton plays multiples personalities. He knows what he have done .yes he is a very nice guy but how would you feel if that was your daughter whose lung collapse because she received a beaten by a man. ? Will you pull out the cards he is a nice guy or what have my daughter done to earn her lungs to collapsed ? No god doesnt like ugliness ..she was not the first one. And i dont wish bad upon nobody but like i said god doesnt like ugliness

  3. About time he gets what he deserves. I just hope all of his dirt comes out. Funny how he used the “power of blue” to get away with manipulating extortionist bullying kids and females but never another man cause he is a straight up Girl. God will ashamed your enemies in public the Bible days and there he is. I hope he gets to fight someone his own size in jail. The investigators better start doing some real investigation

  4. Fact is Zayyan, she wasn’t white. Stop trying to make this a race issue, you are the problem with today’s society. Not everything is about race. #alllivesmatter

  5. Wow! One of my classmates…. Life is about controlling your emotions, I knew when I was a kid that I didn’t wanna be a pig because they think they can get away with everything. He’s a cool guy if you know him, but at any given time anyone can flip. I made a post about public service workers in Atlantic City & I don’t know what’s going on in this City but it needs to stop.

  6. Typical cocky arrogant bitch ass Dayton. His temper tantrum must’ve gotten the best of him huhn??You guys are delusional! I guess she deserved a collapsed lung as well? I guess she must’ve fell into something too! Fuck Dayton and for the first time in his life he needs to be held accountable for his explosive temper tantrums! #badboydayton Didn’t ya momma tell you to keep your damn hands to yourself? ? And like the guy above stated THE ONLY REASON ITS AN ISSUE NOW is because the woman was WHITE! Me personally I would’ve drop kicked his ass in the throat! They ought to make an example out of his BITCHASS! No woman deserves that no matter what she did and for another woman to say that is baffling, smh. She should sue his ass once it’s all said and done

  7. Yes you’re right no Man or Woman should put their hands on each other but guess what that’s the world we live in I understand your anger and I am furious myself and my prayers go out to the young lady. I will not judge him or mock him because it is wrong in Gods eyes Nobody on this earth is perfect we have all sin and done things we not proud. Even with all those child hood issues you mention he still worked hard to get to were he is today. You known him for over 20 years ive known him all my life… yes he is far from perfect and you have done your homework by digging up all the dirt on him so he can be portrayed as an animal… good job. God is in control and at the end of it all God will shame all you angry haters… I expect more of you to come out

  8. I’ve known Mr Brown long enough to know that he would never intentionally put his hand on a Woman. He had to be provoked. He is a genuinely kind hearted person.. he was pushed to this limit.God please have mercy and see him thru this mess.

  9. Actually, I personally have known him for over 20 yrs and he is definitely an emotional, mentally, physically & verbally abusive person. He has done this to other women & isolated them from their families. He has emotional issues stemming from his mother’s neglect & various other psychological issues… And obviously, it’s clear to see that even wearing a badge didn’t tame his inner demon he has no self control & could have easily done this to anyone else. I hope this time that justice is served. He has finally faced a situation that he was caught red handed & will not be able to manipulate & weasel his way out of this…I guess this time the women was Caucasian that’s probably the only reason that the fellow officers (blue brothers) care. The whole situation is sad & Nimel Patel please silence your lips on this particularl issue because he has done this before I personally know a women who he did this too years ago & he got away with it. Also, he is legally married to another person so why does he have a girlfriend? Wow, I guess he’s such a wonderful upsta ding role model & he also was accused of making advances to young boys that he “mentored” but that went unpunished because they were innercity troubled youth however, the accusation s were true & he tried to make advances to the mothers of the teens..smh…Finally, Dayton is where he belongs behind bars locked in a cage like the ravishing animal he is.

  10. Nimit Patel All of u people stop right now he is a human not a bad person oKay stop talking crap about him right now he has rights I wish I had the right to delete thes comments right now so all of u stop hating he is a human being and all the people make big mistakes I do to and u do to so please stop talking bad about this man now he may have done some thing wrong but he can fix it u should pray for him not cussing and being rude thank you u all need to chill outand take a breath god will hate u just like ur hating this man ur not being positive and nice plz people chill he is a great man stop hating pray for him I know this man would not do something this bad unless he is really really really really really really really really really really streastout so take a breath and not hate and also stop cussing u haters pray for him not hate

    1. Dear Nimit Patel,
      God bless your amazing heart. You are right by telling others they need to pray for Detective Brown. I have personally seen all the hard work and dedication he has done for our youth. He has volunteered 100s of hours. God wants us to love one another and not judge each other, who are we to tell someone that they deserve what they get. Only God can judge us. I pray that the truth comes out in Jesus name. ???

      1. So you don’t believe that it’s possible for someone to push you to the level that you never imagined yourself in… wake up these mf can push you to do dumb shit… do you know the girl he has complained to me about him being tired of the lies and deceit she caused him from not making up her mind about who she wanna be with sneaking and lying… he should not have done what he did he was dead wrong but unless you know him shut up

  11. It’s about time is right! He’s gotten away with a lot of shady dirt at ACHS. Picking on innocent students for stealing cellphones they did not. My son was one of them. And a lot more serious incidents as well as this one. Throw the book at this scumbag coward. The police do not need a brute like this on force

    1. It’s his first time u hater pray for him not talk crap be positive not negative u lier go away and also how would u know he did that u stocked him u stocker.

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