Knocking Out opioid abuse with truth

Oct. 6 is Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day.
Thousands are expected to take to the streets to raise awareness about the risks of prescription pain medication leading to dependency and its link to heroin.
Join Together Atlantic County will have volunteers going through out the area distributing materials about opioid misuse.
Along with distributing door hangers throughout neighborhoods and public spaces, they will also be providing materials to prescribers in local doctors’ offices.
Buena Vista Township, Egg Harbor Township, Hammonton, Mullica Township, Estell Manor, Linwood, Hamilton Township, Northfield and Atlantic City are among towns that have adopted proclamations naming the day.
And it’s great. No longer are people blindly following “doctor’s orders” when being prescribed pain medications. They’re asking questions. They’re understanding the risks.
Even physicians are being reminded that when prescribing away pain they are often sending their patients into a world of even more hurt: abuse, addiction and sickness.
The understanding of addiction has come a long way. Many now see it as a disease. Not just physical need but a neurological change.
But still we watch as the “not in my backyard” fights against clinics meant to treat addiction.
“I don’t want that near my kids,” went the lines against Hamilton Township’s methadone/suboxone clinic. “Addicts steal.”
Yes, because moving the addiction help away from your kids will certainly take away the problems that come with active addiction.
So many are trying to help but few seem to ask those in active addiction or those just out.
Don’t just talk about what’s right with what’s being done, have those going through it voice what’s wrong.
From the uninformed media feeling the need to run photos of needles and spoons with every heroin story not realizing that’s a “trigger” for addicts. To lauded medical “cure-alls” like vivitrol that some say have actually sent them back to drugs. To the years in prison some have spent before the help started — or even after.
So, BreakingAC is marking the day as a beginning for a new blog series inviting those who have gone through it — whether in recovery or active addiction — to share their stories. First-hand. In your words. Real talk about the struggles, the things that help and those that don’t.
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  1. My son lived in Egg Harbor Township. He died in December of acute fentanyl overdose. The dealer has been caught and has been charged with Strict Liability Homicide! It won’t bring my son back but I’m glad that the dealer has been caught and he can’t hurt anyone else.

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