‘He’s not breathing. He got shot,’ man tells 911 as teen lay dying in EHT home

An emotional 911 call reveals the desperation of an Egg Harbor Township couple after a teen was shot inside their home last month. “I’ve never seen nothing like this in my life,” Amador Campos tells the 911 operator in a recording obtained by BreakingAC. Alejandro Gonzalez Santos Jr., 16, died inside the Woodrow Avenue home. A 17-year-old is charged with aggravated manslaughter in the killing. While the 911 operator refers to the victim as the couple’s
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Jail medical staff, personnel tried to revive Kauffman inside Hudson County cell

Attempts were made to revive James Kauffman after he was found unresponsive inside his Hudson County jail cell last month, according to reports obtained by BreakingAC. Kauffman was being housed at the Hudson County Correctional Facility for his own safety after it was discovered his alleged partner in an Oxycontin drug ring had planned to kill him. The former Egg Harbor Township endocrinologist was found dead inside his cell Jan. 26, just more than two
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Home where alleged Pagan leader arrested belongs to schoolteacher girlfriend

When law enforcement came to arrest Fred Augello early Jan. 9, they forced open the front door of a nearly half- million home on 4 Mockingbird Lane in the Petersburg section of Upper Township. Augello was wanted on a warrant accusing him of conspiring in a drug ring, setting up the killing of April Kauffman, and attempting to set-up the jailhouse murder of his Oxycontin ring confederate, Dr. James Kauffman. But authorities pried open the
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Local video artist wants kids to learn from his mistakes

‘I just want us to do better and be better,’ he says Chais Hill was on his way to a successful business as a video maker and producer. The local rapper’s company had worked on campaign videos for the major players in last year’s Atlantic City mayoral election. And he was becoming known for doing positive with the area’s youth. But then payment for a troubled past came. “I’m to go in here and face
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‘This is just the beginning,’ April Kauffman’s daughter says as stepfather charged with murder

Kim Pack always believed her mother’s killer was her mother’s husband. But the details that came out as James Kauffman and seven others were charged in connection with the May 10, 2012 killing of April Kauffman were a surprise. “A year?” she said in disbelief of the plan to kill her mother that allegedly began in 2011. “It feels surreal,” she told BreakingAC in a private interview. “Like it’s the worst Lifetime movie ever. But
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Atlantic City firefighters recount rescue efforts at Jeffries Tower

The man’s name was Jack. He and Firefighter Steve Kohler met on the 15th floor of Atlantic City’s Jeffries Tower as alarms rang during an electrical fire Thursday night. Firefighters had rushed in to help the nearly 300 mostly elderly and disabled residents evacuate the 18-story building. “I tried to build a relationship with him to keep him calm,” Kohler said. “He wasn’t able to move all that well.” They stopped several times in the
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Father fights back after meme targets special needs child

The picture captured pure joy. Isabella Rabena had just caught a T-shirt blasted into the crowd at her first Sixers game. Her mouth wide open, showing Rita’s Water Ice blue. But the picture the 13-year-old girl’s father posted on Facebook soon became a tool for mocking the special needs child. “Autism Intensifies,” read the meme posted by Felice Duprey. Isabella does not have autism, but Down syndrome. Frederick Rabena has seen the awkward reactions and
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Atlantic City man’s comical attempt to teach dog goes viral

One Atlantic City man’s loss turned into a dog’s viral fame this Thanksgiving. (Graphic language warning.) Tony Bell had been looking forward to his mom’s baked macaroni and cheese. He waited hours after work to drive to Atlantic City from his girlfriend’s Pleasantville home to get it. He brought home two trays of food, including barbecued turkey wings, sweet potato pudding, cabbage and, of course, that macaroni and cheese. But when he woke up, everything
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Woman rescued by Good Samaritan says there is more to her story


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A severe mental illness episode and not a history of abuse was what sparked an attack in Hamilton Township that ended with a Good Samaritan with deadly injuries, says the woman he rescued. Malika Freeman has seen plenty of people commenting on her story. Some see her as a woman standing by an abusive man. Others see her boyfriend, Calvin Wiggins, as a monster who deserves to rot in jail or be put to death.


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Bayview alligator was first an Atlantic City rap video star

An alligator found swimming in a dirty Atlantic City motel pool captured attention when police raided the place earlier this month. The Bayview Inn & Suites allegedly was the home of a drug-trafficking leader and is set for demolition. Where the owner is has been a mystery. How the alligator got there is also not clear. What he was doing there — at least for a short time — seems to be as video prop.
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