Mays Landing man indicted in killing of Good Samaritan

A Mays Landing man has been indicted for aggravated manslaughter in the death of a man who stopped to try to break up a domestic incident.
Calvin Wiggins, 24, was having a mental episode when he began hitting his girlfriend as the two stood at a bus stop on Route 40 on Nov. 2, the woman told BreakingAC last month.
John Charlton, 55, was driving past when he stopped his car and approached the pair. Wiggins then struck Charlton, who fell to the ground, according to the charges.
Charlton, who lived in Mays Landing, died 10 days later, never regaining consciousness.

“You all don’t know this (Wiggins’) story,”
Malika Freeman told BreakingAC in an interview
days Carlton’s death.
“You don’t know my story.”


Wiggins previously was diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic, Freeman said.
Freeman has said she will continue to be there for Wiggins.
“If I don’t help him, who will,?” she asked.
Wiggins was originally charged with aggravated assault, which was upgraded after Charlton’s death. A grand jury has now indicted him on a charge of aggravated manslaughter.

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On Thursday Nov. 2, 2017 my older brother John was on his wuay to work on route 40 near Maylanding New Jersey. While driving he noticed a woman being beat by a man. Without a thought my brother pulled and jumped out of his car to try and stop the altercation.