New ACFD work not retaliation, judge rules, but still concerned for safety



The new 56-hour workweek for Atlantic City’s firefighters does not rise to the level of retaliation, Judge Julio Mendez ruled Thursday.
But he is still concerned about safety issues raised by the fire union.
Mendez granted the union two injunctions, keeping the state from eliminating terminal leave of less than $15,000. He also made the three recent deputy chief promotions acting positions.
But Mendez allowed for the seven promotions of firefighters to battalion chiefs, agreeing with the state that the moves are necessary to keep the department running smoothly.
Thursday’s ruling is part of the ongoing court battle between the city’s public safety unions and the state.
While Mendez said that going to the 56-hour workweek rather than the original plan of 24/48 split did not rise to retaliation, he still was concerned by safety issues the union raised. As a result, he said that Chief Scott Evans could revert to the other schedule if he believes public safety is compromised.
The chief is to track this through monthly reports, Mendez said.
Evans told BreakingAC that the lawyers and  city are still reviewing the ruling, and that he is not sure what power he has in any possible schedule change.
“We have to really wait and see how everyone interprets the judge’s decision,” he said.


One thought on “New ACFD work not retaliation, judge rules, but still concerned for safety

  1. SAFTY? .. This 56 hour WORK schedule, (which has NO model, findings, studies) of HOW SAFE it is, for a City like: “Atlantic City?!”

    But .. I like to bring up another ‘FACT!’ I don’t want to disagree with the Judge.. BUT, This IS: Retaliation!

    No .. not at the Police & Fire deapartments (as a single entity) BUT .. the Whole CITY! (& Why?) Because The citizens of Atlantic City wouldn’t give up THEIR “Water company!”

    Readers .. Government officials .. Just as Governor Christi was accused of trying to shake down Blue Cross and Blue Shield .. we of the ACFD & ACPD .. are in a similar shakedown! The “Take over’ (hijacking) of our ‘City’

    How SAFE is this 56 hour work week?
    That’s NOT .. THE QUESTION!
    The Question is: How SAFE IS THE “STATE’S” representI’ve?!
    He calls FireFighters & Police officers: GREADY, nonsensical (STUPID) PEOPLE!

    We WORKED with The City (Took Pay & Benefit cuts) only for The STATE to continually break it’s word & Jack just two more pain and suffering!

    State can break Atlantic City fire contract, judge rules:


    In JOINT EFFORT several groups came together, and this was the LEGAL result:

    MEETING AT CITY HALL (With Mayor Guardian, any residents are concerned environmental groups, regarding the state taking over the City Water Company


    In ALL the MANY MONTHS OF chaos
    Is it ANY WONDER Families and friends had to say goodbye to Atlantic City firefighter Albert Mallen? :.(

    This WHOLE “Take Over” is WRONG!


    Po PLEAD: In light of the recent (Bulling) Beach Closing & Blue Cross Blue Shield and failed scheme .. some law enforcement officials re-examine the video clip of Mayor Mark Sookolich were he stated:

    It’s unbelievable that such “A CULTURE” exists in today’s, day and age.

    Fort Lee Mayor says justice has been served in Bridgegate scandal:

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