Star of Atlantic City’s viral video tries to bring positive focus to his hometown

Stanley Holmes Village was the scene of a music video Thursday, as the man made famous through a viral video tries to continue his positive message.


Ibn Ali Miller gained attention after he talked two teens out of fighting and it was captured on video.
That video was seen by millions, and even landed Ali and the teens on Steve Harvey’s show.
For the most part, Ali has avoided the attention. But now he’s decided, if people are going to give him a stage, he’s going to make sure his neighborhood fits in the spotlight. And that it shines just right.
“People need to know about the people and places that made me who I am,” he said.
“Good products come from these slums,” Ali said, standing in the middle of Stanley Holmes’ third village.
Ali grew up in Buzby Village in Atlantic City’s Chelsea Heights section. But his family comes from all over Atlantic City, including Stanley Holmes, Back Maryland, Virginia Courts and Pitney Village.
He doesn’t deny the violence that goes on.
“It’s not because these people are bad, it’s their circumstances,” he said.
Circumstances he now has put into a son with DJ Khaled Siddiq, an artist from the United Kingdom who heard about Ali through his video.
A rapper years ago, Ali said he thought he had given up on music. Then he and Siddiq bonded immediately, with Ali showing Siddiq around city Wednesday, sparking a song that they quickly recorded.
“He’s such a kind-hearted, genuine, positive man,” Siddiq said. “It was just so easy to vibe off of his energy.”
On Thursday, the vibe extended to a large group in Stanley Holmes.
Although his musical collaborator is from across the pond, locals were fully involved.
Drones fitted with cameras flew over head, under the control of Atlantic City’s Taylor Moore, of CAVU Drone Photography.
Taking care of the video production was Matt Crowne, of Mays Landing. Absecon-based DJ Yung Hitta is producer and engineer.
Even Siddiq got to Atlantic City via a local connection, manager Omar Shahid’s uncle — Dirk Dacosta — lives in Atlantic City, where the pair is staying.


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