Drugs deaths hit record in 2016, NY Times study finds

Drugs are more deadly than ever before, the New York Times reported. More than 59,000 people are believed to have died by drugs in 2016, when 52,404 people died, according to the report. But the number could be as high as 65,000. The deaths are more than those who died from HIV at the peak of the AIDS epidemic in 1995. Because it takes time for drug deaths to be officially determined, the Centers for
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State handling drug epidemic from all sides, Criminal Justice director says

Two California truck drivers in court Friday for trafficking millions of dollars in drugs through New Jersey Interstate 78 are just part of how the state is cracking down on the growing drug epidemic. “I don’t think the solution solely relies on law enforcement and arrests,” said Elie Honig, director of the state Division of Criminal Justice. “It’s vital that we address rehabilitation and treatment needs on the demand side,” Honig said in an interview with BreakingAC.
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Stop the Heroin opens its first sober living house in Pleasantville

Mike McGaffney always wondered why he got to wake up from comas and drug overdoses while his brother didn’t. In recovery, he’s learned his purpose: Helping others wake up from their own battles with addiction. “I’m supposed to be here,” he says. “I’m staying clean hrough what I’m doing. I’m helping others, but I’m actually doing this for me too.” What he’s doing now is managing for Steven’s Place, a sober living house in Pleasantville
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