Tenure charges filed against Atlantic City principal cleared in criminal trial

An Atlantic City principal acquitted of stealing money mean for the school has now been brought up on tenure charges by the superintendent.
LaKecia Hyman was found not guilty May 22, after she had been suspended without pay for 18 months in the matter.
Hyman should have been given back her job and her back pay, said attorney Lou Barbone, who has filed paperwork for both.
Barbone’s law partner, Ed Jacobs, was Hyman’s attorney at trial.
But instead of getting her career back, Hyman was served with tenure charges from newly appointed Superintendent Barry Caldwell on  July 28.
She has 15 days to respond.
“I feel this is harassment,” said her mother, Juanita Hyman. “And it’s up to the Board of Education to put a stop to this.”
The elder Hyman said she doesn’t understand how her daughter can be off the payroll but then brought up on charges as an employee.
Hyman was suspended with pay in February 2014, after more than $10,000 in fund-raising money meant for the school was discovered missing. She was charged that summer.
At trial, Jacobs pointed to two state witnesses that could have possibly been involved in the money’s disappearance, including a woman who Hyman had said could no longer accept money after funds disappeared in 2009.
It took jurors just more than an hour to clear Hyman of wrongdoing.