Linwood teacher’s assault case will be tried in municipal court

The simple assault case against a Linwood teacher will be tried in Municipal Court.
Kimberly Peschi, 40, a teacher at Belhaven Middle School, is accused of kicking a student’s chair out from under him, which caused him to hit his head on the ground.
The Galloway Township woman is charged with cruelty and neglect of children and simple assault. She is suspended with pay.
Based on the investigation, Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner said his office “decided that the interests of justice are best met by maintaining jurisdiction in Linwood Municipal Court.”
The Prosecutor’s Office will handle the case at that level.
There were witnesses to the incident, which was also captured on the school’s camera system. The parents and Board of Education members have all seen the video.
The 12-year-old sixth-grader did not have a concussion nor were any problems found through a CT scan, according to family.
Peschi could face up to six months in prison if found guilty.