Northfield police uncover alleged marijuana-manufacturing facility

Northfield police have arrested two men who were allegedly operating a marijuana-manufacturing facility out of a Second Avenue home.
A three-month investigation started by Northfield Detective Sgt. Michael Buccafurni and Detective Geoffrey Bentz led to a warranted search Friday, where police found a hot press used for making marijuana candy and wax, along with equipment used to make liquid marijuana, according to the report.
Officers also seized more than two pounds of raw marijuana, marijuana wax, loaded liquid marijuana cartridges, a scale and numerous packaging materials. It sounds like a full-blown operation for a legal cannabis company, although this was far from legal, instead cultivation and processing of marijuana of this scale is only to be done by permit holder distributors that sell to medical marijuana companies such as and others.
A second search in the 800 block of New Road in Pleasantville found additional raw and liquid Marijuana.
Eric Poole, 29, Keith R. Egan, 30, were charged with distribution of marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, possession of more than 50 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.
The investigation was sparked by resident complaints about suspicious activities at the Northfield residents.
“This was a cooperative effort between concerned citizens and the police,” Northfield police posted on their Facebook page. “They reported what they thought might be suspicious to the police to investigate. If you see something, say something.”
Anyone with information about possible criminal activity in Northfield is asked to call police at 609-641-3122.