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Wildwood police release full body camera footage

Wildwood police have released body camera footage from the weekend arrest that went viral.
In two videos, what led up to the arrest is shown, along with a close-up view of the arrest in which Emily Weinman is accused of assaulting two officers.
In a since-deleted Facebook post, Weinman, 20 said the officer had given her a Breathalyzer that showed she hadn’t drunk anything.
She said things changed when she asked if they didn’t have anything better to do than harass underage drinkers.
But in the released video, while Weinman argues that because she didn’t drink the alcohol, she did nothing wrong, the officer continues to try to get her full name to write her up.
“I didn’t disrespect you,” she says. “I didn’t do anything to get written up.”
When she is continues to argue, the officer says, “OK, I’m done with you.”
He then turns to the other officer, “Put the cuffs on her.”
She then walks away saying, “Don’t touch me.”
Weinman continues to walk away then says, “What are you doing?” as she pushes both hands toward the camera. 
The first video ends there.
In the second video, Weinman is already on the ground with the officer hold her hair.
She is heard screaming for police to get off of her.
“You’re not allowed to beat me like that,” she says. “I’m a woman. It doesn’t matter… You’re not allowed to hit me and choke me like that.”
The five-minute, curse-filled video shows Weinman calling the officers names and at least one of the officers cursing at her as he tries to arrest her.
The video shows Weinman in cuffs being taken toward a police SUV. At least twice she tries to break from the officers, and she calls them names.
After she is in the car, the officer is heard explaining to other officers what happened.
The officer says that Weinman admitted to being 20 and that she had Twisted Teas. He said she refused to give her last name and started walking away from the officers.
“I tried grabbing her and she tried kicking at us so I slammed her to the ground,” he says.
He said she then tried kicking them, and that he “hit her a couple of times and put her in cuff.s”

WARNING: Video contains language some may find offensive

The woman’s apparent boyfriend, who is holding their 18-month-old daughter, tries to question the police after Weinman is inside the police car.
“He punched her in the face, though,” the man says. 
“Yeah, well she tried kicking us,” the officer says. “Yes, she did.”
The video shows more of the incident that the video taken by a beach goer that went viral. And also allows more of Weinman’s words to be heard.
“Matt, they’re choking me,” she yells, presumably to the man she has identified as her daughter’s father. “Matt, I can not breath.”
Weinman was on probation from a plea in criminal charges out of Pennsylvania, where she is from.
Now, she is charged with several crimes, including two counts of aggravated assault and spitting on or at a police officer.
She is clearly seen spitting at one of the officers about 1:33 into the video.


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