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Alleged leader in $50M prescription fraud case can go to Disney World, judge rules

What’s Sara Hickman going to do now that she’s charged with leading a multi-million dollar health care benefits fraud ring?
She’s going to Disney World.
Hickman, 42, of Northfield, allegedly ran the shell company that allowed her and her husband, William, and others to defraud public health care benefits of about $50 million.
This week, District Judge Robert Kugler ruled that Sara Hickman could take the couple’s 5-year-old on a preplanned trip to Orlando, Florida, “for the purpose of visiting Disneyworld and other amusement venues in the Orlando area,” he wrote.
Kugler denied an application by the couple for a separate trip to Puerto Rico.
The judge also postponed the Hickmans’ payment of $100,000 bond each for their freedom until April 5, when he scheduled oral arguments about releasing certain assets of the couple that their attorneys argue are “untainted” by the allegations.
The couple has three children, ages 11, 9 and 5.
“The only significant unrestrained cash assets are Roth IRAs that cannot be accessed without penalty and checking accounts with limited funds that need to be used for immediate living expenses,” their attorneys noted in a joint letter submitted to the judge earlier this month.
The next status conference in the case is set for May 29.


Photo courtesy of NBC-10

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