Hearing postpones planned Atlantic City police promotions

Planned Atlantic City police promotions set for Tuesday were postponed as the union continues to question how the determinations are made under state control.The Atlantic City police union, city and state were back in court Tuesday, as the city continues to promote without Civil Service requirements. Two dozen officers were promoted earlier this month, with questions arising over how that happened.About 100 officers interviewed with a five-person panel to be chosen for promotion to sergeant earlier this month.

Twenty-four were chosen, although a ceremony failed to make clear those positions are acting as the case remains pending.

Those promotions were heralded as being filled with city residents. But just four — or 1/12th — live in the city, one of the residents skipped pointed out to City Council days after the promotions.

More promotions are expected today, with four sergeants set to become lieutenants.

Sgt. Michael Arroyo is one of two officers whose attorneys have been allowed to participate in the court hearing.

Arroyo is currently 16th in seniority among the sergeants.

Two sergeants below him are scheduled to be promoted, according to a list obtained by BreakingAC.

Mark Benjamin’s attorney also has been allowed to participate.

Benjamin was made an acting lieutenant after hiring an attorney.

His issue is with the union, pointed out attorney Wesley Bridges.

They claim the union did not back a group of diverse officers.City attorney Ronald Israel asked that the promotions that include deputy chief, two captains and four lieutenants be allowed to go forward. But Judge Julio Mendez said he would wait to allow the PBA to weigh in. No new court date was set.