Atlantic City beach workout turns rescue as fire burns nearby home

Atlantic City residents were rescued from a burning home Friday morning, after two people training on the beach saw smoke.
Dena Ravese wasn’t supposed to be working out on the beach Friday.
But at the last minute, trainer Darrian Hudgins said, “Let’s work down at the beach,” Ravese recalled.
When they got there around 7 a.m., the Atlantic City woman said she thought she smelled smoke.
Then, about 20 minutes into the workout, she looked over to see something coming out of the top of a house on North Main Avenue.
“Does that look like smoke to you?” she asked a man standing on the beach.
When he said yes, she told him to call 911, and she and the two men rushed toward the home.
“We were banging on the door so hard screaming fire,” she said.
That’s when a woman, her daughter and her daughter’s two friends came out with their dog.
But there was still someone in the top apartment, they said.
Hudgins and the other man, whose name Ravese didn’t get, rushed inside and were able to get the woman and her dog out.
“I definitely credit them with alerting the occupants, as the fire was exterior,” Fire Chief Scott Evans said.
The fire was contained to the fourth floor.