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Man accused in A.C. shooting while on parole will stay in jail

A man on parole for a gun conviction was ordered held in the shooting of an Atlantic City man.
Darren Nedrick, 22, is accused of wounding a 27-year-old man June 25.
Nedrick was driving by the victim, who was on a dirt bike, and then shot out the window in the 300 block of Tennessee Avenue, Assistant Prosecutor Rick McKelvey said during a detention hearing earlier this week.
McKelvey added that the evidence may increase the current aggravated assault charge to attempted murder.
Nedrick, who was just paroled from a prison term on a gun charge in October, was arrested July 11.
But defense attorney Ed Weinstock said the only thing linking his client to the crime is that Nedrick is the registered owner of the car seen on surveillance footage.
“No weapon was recovered. No other evidence was recovered,” Weinstock told the judge. “The vehicle was searched and not one single piece of evidence of evidentiary value was found.”
Despite what the affidavit claimed, Weinstock said the surveillance footage does not show Nedrick with a gun or shooting it.
The public safety assessment, which is used under bail reform to help determine if a defendant should be held, recommended Nedrick be released.
Superior Court Judge DeLury disagreed.
“The PSA did not fully encompass the circumstances of this dangerous conduct,” he said. “This is a very dangerous and violent drive-by shooting. At the time of the offense, the defendant was on parole.”
He added that the shooting “was as violent as it was brazen.”
Nedrick, whose most recent address was Sicklerville, Camden County, will now remain jailed pending a plea or trial.

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