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Special Atlantic City BOE meeting expected to address 2019 child pornography case

A special Atlantic City school board meeting set for Tuesday is expected to be the first time administrators will publicly address the arrest last year of a former worker on child pornography charges.
The public announcement of the 6 p.m. meeting says only that it will concern personnel matters. But BreakingAC has confirmed it was sparked by renewed interest in the case against Kayan Frazier.
Frazier currently faces federal charges that include production of child pornography.
The Somers Point man is accused of creating images of a sexual nature involving a boy who lived with him part-time and an older adolescent boy who is now an adult.
At the time of his arrest in April of 2019, Frazier was no longer working for the Atlantic City School District.
He was fired in 2017, after an investigation by the state Department of Children and Families’ Institutional Abuse Investigation Unit found that one elementary school student slept overnight with Frazier in the man’s bed. The investigation also found Frazier texted another student, then 9, which is a violation of school policy.
After Frazier was fired from the school, he was hired as a caseworker for the Department of Children and Families — the same state agency that led the investigation at the school.
While the complaint does not name the school where Frazier worked, previous court hearings confirmed it was Pennsylvania Avenue School.
Then-Principal LaQuetta Small, along with Superintendent Barry Caldwell and Assistant Superintendent Sherry Yahn have been given Rice notices, which lets an employee know they will be discussed at a public meeting.



Neither Board of Education President John Devlin nor the district’s attorney, Tracy Riley, would comment on the meeting.
No one from the school would comment to BreakingAC at the time Frazier’s arrest, which was sparked after the app Tumblr
sent a tip that potential child pornography had been uploaded to an account under the user name ley26ley26.
The account was eventually tracked to Frazier.
A search of Frazier’s phone and other electronic media found thousands of additional images of child pornography, along with images of the minor at his residence, the complaint states. 
Three months after his arrest was announced by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, federal charges were filed against Frazier.
In December, the lower court’s case was dismissed, with everything now being handled in federal court.
Tonight’s meeting begins at 6 p.m.

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