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FBI urges retests for those who had ‘rapid’ COVID tests at Ventnor lab

Anyone who had a rapid COVID-19 test at the Infinity Diagnostic Laboratory in Ventnor is urged to get retested.
The FBI message came Friday, the day after agents were there on “official law enforcement business,” spokeswoman Doreen Holder told BreakingAC.
Ventnor police accompanied the agents, who were at the center at 6715 Atlantic Ave. since the morning.
Anyone who had a finger prick blood test at that location is asked to contact the FBI at
Rapid finger prick blood tests for the coronavirus are antibody tests and should not be used for diagnosing active cases, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s website.
Several area residents who went to the testing site said they were told the regular test was covered by insurance, but that the rapid test they were given cost $75, and had to be paid in cash or via Venmo. Although some who paid cash told BreakingAC the test cost $50.
The Venmo payments were made to a Janice Nasuti, whose Linked-In lists her as a “phlebotomy supervisor” with Infinity.
Public transactions via her Venmo show about 32 payments between May 19 and July 31 of this year that indicate things like “rapid test,” “blood test” or “covid test.”
Someone who answered the phone at Infinity’s main number said there was nothing to comment on.
“Please don’t call here,” she said before hanging up.


Contact the FBI at

NOTE: This story originally ran Dec. 3. It has been updated with details on the rapid testing and information from those who were tested.

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