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Online meeting looks to help parents deal with stress, teach self-care

The pandemic has changed a lot of things including the way students learn.
The ever-changing landscape has had a significant impact on parents, increasing stress and decreasing self-care.
Recognizing this impact, the Pleasantville School District is sponsoring online discussions to help parents cope, and teach them how to take care of their children while still caring for themselves.
Licensed clinical social worker Turkessa Lee will be hosting a forum at 6 p.m. Wednesday.
It is the second she has hosted, but said this one will be more interactive.
“You are allowed to have time for yourself,” she stressed during the first meeting. “You are allowed to set a scheduled time to think about your life. You are allowed to have hopes and dreams.”
She said she herself is a much better mother when she takes time for herself. Now, she wants to help other parents learn that while erasing the guilt that can come with that.
“I am trying to change the world here, one education and discussion session at a time,” Lea told BreakingAC.
Anyone who wants to join just needs to log on to the Google meeting at

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