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Atlantic City restaurant gets its stolen furniture back

A month after Tony’s Baltimore Grill put out a reward for its stolen outdoor furniture, it has been returned.

The Atlantic City mainstay had only recently introduced dining al fresco when a table, umbrella and six chairs vanished July 1.

Tony’s put out a reward that included $1,500 and a pizza a week for life to whoever helped them get their missing furniture.

About a week ago, the restaurant’s social media got a direct message from someone saying they had a lead.

“We said, ‘Great, prove it!'” Tony’s posted Monday on Instagram. “What do you know, our furniture walked right back into the restaurant the next day!”

The unnamed tipster told the story of who stole it, and where it now was.

“The family who had it knew that it was stolen and wanted to return it, but they were afraid that charges would be pressed,” the post says.

Tony’s didn’t press charges. The two who returned it have asked to remain anonymous.

They split the monetary award, but won’t have to split the lifetime weekly pizzas, the Baltimore Grill post reads.

They each will get a meal a week for life.

The returned table now has its own mark to remember its journey. “The Scarlet Letter treatment,” the post notes, showing a photo of the table now bearing read down its center.

“A mark to remember (its) journey back home and that good things happen every day,” the post reads.

There was also a message for the unnamed thief.

“We can only imagine how hard life must be for you to be in a position where you have to do this for money,” the post reads. “If you come by the joint and say sorry, we will accept your apology and buy you dinner. Until then, we will say our prayers that you have brighter days ahead.”

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