Atlantic City police promote 25 officers

ac swearing in main

Atlantic City police promoted 25 officers this week, including two new deputy chiefs.

The department also is adding 20 Special Law Enforcement Officer recruits to its ranks as the new hires head to the Police Academy.

A promotion ceremony was held at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

The new deputy chiefs are Stacy Herrerias and Rudy Lushina.

Moving up from lieutenant to captain are Christian Garofalo, Edward Leon, Daniel Corcoran, Sean Scanlon, Andrew Leonard and Alexus Zeilinger.

Sergeants who became lieutenants are Frank Timek, Charles Stuart, William Tracy, Robert Macready, Omar Martin, Jody Hersh, Howard Johnson and Richard Andrews.

The newest sergeants are Raymond Wagner, Joshua Schwenger, Daniel Arra, Darrin Lorady, John Sharkey, Christian Ivanov, Valmir Loga, Michael Garofalo and Matthew Cocuzza.