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Northfield Denny’s reopens after closure for reported health violations

The Denny’s in Northfield is reopened after it closed for reports of health violations earlier this week.The restaurant on Tilton Road was temporarily closed by the Atlantic County Division of Public Health as of 5 p.m. Tuesday, Linda Gilmore told BreakingAC.The Division of Public Health completed its investigation and gave its approval to reopen Wednesday … Read more

ACPD increases ranks, makes history

Atlantic City police elevated 10 former Class II officers to full-time, and will supplement that class with 22 recruits, including one who will make history.The 10 newly full-time officers are Isaiah Johnson, Heriberto Barrios-Gomez, Josue Rodriguez, Dylan Imbrenda, Scott Crawford, Rizwan Bakhat, Christopher Colon, Ivaylo Penchev, Erica Britko and Jordyn BowdenThey will be assigned to … Read more

Atlantic City dog returned to owners

An Atlantic City family was reunited with its dog Sunday.Judy Williams said her son let their Jack Russell terrier into their backyard on Drexel Avenue as they often do on Saturday afternoon.But not long after, Sarah was gone.Video from about 1:50 p.m. shows the dog going outside and wander into the neighbor’s adjoining backyard, Williams … Read more

Lack of help led veteran to fiery suicide attempt, wife says

Chaoe Perry had been begging for help.The U.S. Army veteran was seeing a therapist and a psychiatric doctor through the Veterans Administration for about 2½ years, according to his wife.But then his doctor left, he stopped taking his medication and his appointments got farther and farther apart, Jasmine Lynne DeLeon-Perry says.On Saturday, the 24-year-old Somers … Read more