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Photo shows why state won’t cure Atlantic City BOE ills, board member alleges

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.At the most recent Atlantic City Board of Education meeting, one photo told a tale of corruption, a board member alleges.Al Herbert, who attended Tuesday’s meeting via Zoom, changed his profile picture to a photo of the state’s governor with former board solicitor Joe Jacobs.“If any of … Read more

Local ‘free cannabis’ companies respond to fraud allegations

Businesses giving away free cannabis with the purchase of other items say threats from the state attorney general won’t stop them.The governor signed legislation in February legalizing adult-use marijuana. But there is still nowhere for people to buy it as the state waits for the Cannabis Regulatory Committee to set the rules for licensing sales.That’s … Read more

State AG tells companies ‘giving away’ pot with their products to cease and desist

Pot is not a gift, the state attorney general says.Four companies that give away marijuana with purchases of snacks, baked goods and other products have been told to cease and desist as the Attorney General’s Office looks into possible Consumer Fraud Act violations.Sky High Munchies, Slumped Kitchen LLC, and West Winds Wellness were all … Read more

Governor declares COVID-19 Heroes Day

The governor on Tuesday made March 9 “COVID-19 Heroes Day” in New Jersey.“From nurses and doctors to grocery store workers and law enforcement, countless essential workers have been working day and night to serve New Jerseyans during these trying times,” Gov. Phil Murphy said. “It is my honor to sign this bill recognizing the heroic … Read more