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Playground’s Facebook page hacked

Visitors to the Playground’s Facebook page may thing the Boardwalk shopping pier may have suddenly turned into an insult comic.
But the Bart Blatstein owned mall wants you to know, it’s not them.
The Playground-Atlantic City Facebook page was hacked about a week or so ago, says their social media person, Ray Sheehan.
The owners have reached out to authorities to begin a criminal investigation into the matter, said Lisa Johnson, a spokeswoman for the mall who is not involved with the social media side.
Sheehan said they have not been able to regain control of the site, but first tried to go through the proper Facebook channels and were told there was nothing that went against the standards posted.
That recently changed.
Whoever has taken over the page posted a status about pianos being stolen, and the hacker’s responses to commenters have turned offensive, devolving from calling people idiots and correcting their grammar to vulgarities.
“I’ve started responding individually to people to let them know it’s not anyone involved with the Playground,” Johnson said.
She also has sent a letter to each of the building’s tenants.
The hacking follows on the footsteps of the Playground’s official website being hacked as well. That issue was resolved, Johnson said.
Meanwhile, she has tried posting statuses as herself on the page to let people know what is going on. But the hacker has been quick to remove those.

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