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Opponents of offshore wind to hold press conference ahead of Atlantic Shores diversion hearing

Three public meetings are scheduled to discuss Atlantic Shores offshore wind projects

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Atlantic City Housing Authority is city's 'largest slumlord,' former head testifies

"If they were a private concern, they would have been put out of business a long time ago," Matt Doherty …

Veteran homelessness is on the rise despite government efforts — here's how it happens

Homelessness reached record levels in 2023, as rents and home prices continued to rise in most of the U.S. One …

Five things to watch out for if shopping Temu

Spokeo explores the question, "Is it safe to shop on Temu?" and discuss the Temu scams to watch out for. …

Cape, Cumberland and Atlantic counties top state unemployment

Stacker compiled a list of counties with the highest unemployment rates in New Jersey using Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Flights will continue as Spirit readies to close Atlantic City airport crew base

Spirit will continue to fly in and out of ACY, but its crew will no longer be based there.

Watch Monday’s solar eclipse through the eyes of NASA

NASA will host live coverage of the eclipse starting at 1 p.m.

April Fool! The roots of our silliest holiday

From its origins — whether in Ancient Rome, medieval England or Renaissance Europe — to today, April Fools' Day has …

N.J. among attorneys general looking into Glock machine gun conversion

Matthew Platkin is one of a dozen attorneys general who signed a letter to Glock Inc. asking the company to …

Why does fentanyl exist?

Fentanyl was the most promising medical advancement of its time. It's now one of the leading causes of death in …

These states lead the way in population growth. Where does New Jersey rank? looks at Census Bureau data to see which states are losing or gaining the most people.

March 13, 2024

What the Biden administration's new order on AI will mean for cybersecurity

The adoption of AI products accelerated rapidly over the past year since OpenAI released its large language model-powered chatbot, ChatGPT

March 13, 2024

These are the states that are sending the most people to New Jersey

This story from Stacker evaluated data to show what states people are moving to New Jersey from

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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