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Our mission is to improve and inform the communities we serve.

BreakingAC is a news and entertainment media platform, part of the Access Global Media and Technology network of local digital news providers clustered in the Mid-Atlantic region. We intend to provide our community with a trusted news source, a place to support dialogue from all sides about how to improve our communities and a utility for our readers to help them navigate their region.

Our History:

BreakingAC was born from the need to have localized media that people can trust.
Everyone wants to be first, but it's more important to be right. To be ethical. And to care about the community you are covering.
That is why BreakingAC was created. We live by the mantra of "confirm THEN report."
The idea was to report for the people. This is a new site that listen to the concerns, let the readers be involved, ask questions, challenge the status quo, recognize those who are doing good things and call out those who are not. 
News is to inform people who are affected. It's to let them know of the good and bad in the world around them. It should also be about letting their voices be heard. It's about looking beyond the surface. 
News doesn't stop once it breaks. It evolves. It has an impact.

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