Super PAC attacks Atlantic City council president’s run for mayor

A new group that has joined Atlantic City’s political spectrum claims City Council President Marty Small’s affiliation with an accused heroin-trafficker makes him unworthy to be mayor.
Our Atlantic City, a super political action committee, has attacked Small’s relationship with Chais Hill, who is accused of heroin-trafficking and gun possession from still-pending 2013 charges.
The group’s Facebook page is filled with references to the relationship.
“Clearly, ex-offenders are a big part of my platform,” Small told BreakingAC. “I grew up here in Atlantic City, in one of the worst neighborhoods. Do I just turn my back on them?”
But an Our Atlantic City representative said videos by Hill’s company — MaxOut TV — include guns and drugs, which he said raises questions about Hill’s rehabilitation.
“It’s a horrible message to send,” said the representative, who cited recent death threats the group has received in declining to identify anyone.
Small isn’t the only candidate who has used Hill’s company: Frank Gilliam and Mayor Don Guardian also have campaign videos produced by the group.
Guardian said he sought out the video makers behind Small’s and Gilliam’s “very sharp, professional videos of their announcement that they were running for mayor.” When he found out it was the same group, he hired them as well.
He had one meeting with Hill, which he said showed him to be a proud family man and father.
“He told me his past is not good and he’s turning himself around,” Guardian said.
He then talked of how, 25 years ago as head of the Special Improvement District, he was told not to hire those with criminal records.
“I took a chance and they turned out to be incredibly loyal and excellent employees,” he said.
Gilliam said he also believes in second chances, but that Small’s affiliation goes beyond what he and Guardian have done.
While Our Atlantic City has called Gilliam the city’s next mayor, he said he is not connected to the group and does not know who runs it.
The group’s representative denied endorsing anyone at this time, and said they have taken a stance on only one candidate so far: Small.
The super PAC lists Timothy Mancuso of Ventnor as its chairman. No one answered the number listed for Mancuso on filings. Former Councilman Timothy Mancuso has denied involvement.