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Dr. Kauffman ordered detained pending trial

An armed standoff with police along with money and means weighed heavily in a judge’s decision to detain the husband slain Linwood radio host April Kauffman.
James Kauffman was not a risk and should be released, according to the public safety assessment and pre-trial report provided to the court.
But that Kauffman pulled a gun when Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office detective’s and FBI agents tried to serve a search warrant at his Egg Harbor Township practice last week shows he is a danger to himself and the community, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy successfully argued.
There was also the means for flight, including an often-used passport, four homes in three states and $100,000 in cash, Levy presented to the judge.
Kauffman’s reaction to investigators at his office off Ocean Heights Avenue was captured on a Linwood officer’s body camera. Part of it was shown in court.
“I’m not going to jail for this!” he is heard saying.
He also threatens to kill himself.
Kauffman is charged with weapons offenses in the incident at his office. The investigation is part of a far-reaching one that is unreleased to April Kauffman’s homicide May 10, 2012, inside the couple’s Linwood home, Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner has said.
But at least one of the five search warrants mentions “various species” of medical fraud and “a homicide, defense attorney Ed Jacobs told reporters.
He expects to get the other four warrants today. He also is trying to get the affidavits that were presented to get the warrants.
Jacobs said he would appeal the detention.


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