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Man caught testing the waters — from the shower — at Taj liquidation sale

At least one buyer made sure he was all cleaned up before making a purchase at the Taj Mahal liquidation sale this week.
A man identified by NJTV News as Dave Cipollini of Brigantine was found showering in one of the rooms, and the news station caught it on video.
“It’s a liquidation sale, I wanted to see how the shower was, maybe I could get a free shower,” the man tells the station’s reporter who was led to the room by those who stumbled across him as they looked for sales at the shuttered casino.
“I’ve literally taken over a hundred showers,” Cipollini tweeted. “I can’t believe this is the first time it’s been on the news.”
For this shower, he kept on his skivvies, the station noted. But, there was no soap, it seems.
He did, however, find something to purchase, although it was not shower related. Instead, he walked away with a $25 camel lamp.
“All in all a good day,” he told the station. “I got clean and I got light.”

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