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Alligator caught swimming in Atlantic City motel pool

Atlantic City police were called to a strange swimmer at a motel pool Tuesday.
A 3-foot-long alligator had to be fished out by animal control Tuesday morning at the Bayview Inn & Suites on Albany Avenue. It was then sent to the Cape May County Zoo.
Earlier in the day, SWAT members were on scene doing a search, although no details have yet been released about that case.
It’s not the first time police have encountered alligators in Atlantic City, Sgt. Kevin Fair confirmed.
While a member of the Police Department’s Vice Unit several years ago, he recalled finding two or three while part of a warranted search at Brigantine Homes.
In 2011, police found a 2½-foot-long alligator when they searched the home of a drug suspect.
At the time, Rahshine Curry said it was a beloved pet and denied selling drugs.

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